Watervliet Spring Sports

Spring sports are in full stride as tryouts for all spring sports started Monday and go on through Friday, March 5th through the 9th. Baseball, Softball, and Track and Field make up the spring sports. Spring sports for many of the athletes involved gets them excited for spring and soon to be summer. Although Spring sports are getting started, the weather doesn't prove it. Snow and cold conditions have kept the tryouts inside for majority of try out dates. Being a baseball player myself, being indoors for tryouts personally get me more excited to get outside and get going with training and working out to be in the best shape I can be in.

Coaching for spring sports has stayed constant for the most part but we do have some new coaches coming in.

Varsity: Coach Tambolleo
Junior-Varsity: Coach Lane
Modified: Coach Soroka

This year all 3 baseball teams have a wide spectrum of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Coach Tambolleo is in his second year coaching the varsity team and is very dedicated to not only making the team better but also being involved within the community such as the Little League of Watervliet. Coach Lane was the Varsity coach before Coach Tambolleo and has had many years of experience coaching and playing. He is dedicated in making the baseball program at Watervliet not only grow, but bring us back into the championship winning program we absolutely could be. Coach Soroka is a new coach here at Watervliet but that does not mean he does not have experience in the sport of baseball. Pete Saroka took over Watervliet Little League as president about two years ago and has also been dedicated into helping spread the game of baseball all around Watervliet. Now those are the three head coaches but we also have volunteer coaches as well such as, Coach Cady, Coach Gleason, and Coach Griffin. All three of these coaches have years of experience and will help tremendously throughout the season.

Varsity: Coach Young
Modified: Coach Mitchell

Both Coach Young and Coach Mitchell are both very experienced and are both extremely dedicated into making the softball program into the best it can be.

Track and Field:
Varsity: Coach Karbowski and Coach Yatrakis

The track and field program has been very successful with the help of both Coach Yatrakis and Coach Karbowski. They are very experienced and they create a very special bond with all of the runners and athletes that participate.
As you can see the spring sports teams are all in very good hands and are on a steady climb to championship winning programs. The experience and bond these athletes create with coaches are unlike any around and us athletes are very grateful for all they do within the school and programs themselves. I know that I speak on behalf of all of us athletes that we are all proud to be Cannoneer’s.


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