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Watervliet Breakfast Spread

Watervliet Jr Sr High’s Breakfast Spread

Now you may be thinking about how much you hate/hated school food. But students at Watervliet High don't have that problem, especially about breakfast. A spread of fruit, grains,dairy, and protein fill up the stomachs of students whether they are in 7th or 12th grade. The food service at Watervliet believes in the saying, “ Providing a healthy start to the school day is important for learning!” Our lunch ladies and Food Service Director, Daryl Whited, all work very hard behind the scenes to make sure every student has a good source of nutrition throughout the day.  Because Watervliet is a public school we follow guidelines the state and school district has set up for us. The food is delicious and has a lot of nutritional value too! Here are some items that are offered:

Assorted: 8oz

Assorted cereal bars = 1 grain
Bagel = 2 grain
Assorted breakfast sandwiches = 2 grain
Chocolate chip muffin = 2 grain
Mini bagel with cinnamon crea…